1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat ScaleModern times bring modern conveniences. This means that there is very little that we cannot do from our tablets and smart phones. Now there is a way to take it another step further. We can track our health and our weight with our tablets and phones also. The 1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale can sync via Bluetooth to your device. Not only do you have your weight at your finger tips, but you also have all your health information there as well. You can show your doctor, track differences, and even find out triggers with the pairing of your digital scale and your device. You put your health back into your own hands.


1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
Designed for Easy Use
This is the digital scale that you need if you are looking to lose weight. The sapphire LCD screen is designed so that it is easy to read. It holds up to 400 pounds on its tempered glass. The tempered glass is clear with a white powder underlay. It is sleek and modern. The only downside is that this is a digital scale that must be kept dry. It is not water resistant or fog proof. The solution is to put it in your bedroom. The height is just perfect to slide under your bed when you are not using it.

1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
The app that goes with it is called iWellness. It is designed to be easy to use and sync up via Bluetooth. It is perfect to keep up with everything you need to get to and maintain a healthy weight. You can track your lifestyle changes and have accurate results of how those changes are affecting your body.

1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
The Flawless Functions

The first thing that you need to do when you get this digital scale in your home is to put in the batteries. The batteries are AA, which means that they are easy to find and replace. Then you need to download the app. Once you set up your profile on the scale, you will need to sync to the app via Bluetooth. No internet is needed to do the sync.
The digital scale has the ability to track and calculate Body Weight, Body Water, Body Fat, BMI, BMR, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat instantly. It shares it with your app so that you can easily see your levels and reach your goals. With the ability to hold up to ten user profiles, this scale is perfect for any size family.

1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
Your app will use the information as it is updated from scale. The information is processed into easy to read charts and graphs so that all your results can easily be seen over an given period of time. You can adjust your workout goals as needed.
The pricing of this scale is a little higher than other digital scales. You can get it at $129.99 on most websites or health stores. There are some sales that run with the scale. For example, you can get it on Amazon for less than $100. The price is reasonable considering all that it does.

1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
If you want real results from your digital scale, the 1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is the one to go for. You can track anything you want to track. You can choose to focus your lifestyle to help you lose weight, manage body fat, or you can just watch for water retention. This is one scale that puts you in charge of your own health. It is a partner to healthy eating. There are few other digital scales on the market that will offer you the results that you will find in the 1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale.

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