1byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

The 1byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure is one of the best and highly recommended Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor devices for regularly monitoring your blood pressure levels while staying at home. Measuring or keeping a track of your blood pressure levels is extremely important. You need to keep a record of blood pressure levels to avoid dealing with the severe consequences of having high or too low blood pressure.



The design of this device is very compact and light in weight. This allows the item to be carried around with relative ease. The monitor is easy to hold in one’s hand and the LCD screen has a purple backlight that allows the recorded data to be read easily.


LCD Screen

The 1byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure has a large LCD display. The LCD display has a backlit feature as well which makes it easier to read the readings without having to strain your eyes. The button on the device needs to be turned on for the device to start working to record the blood pressure levels.

The Cuff

One of its unique features includes the cuff which can be easily worn by anyone. The single cuff of the device is flexible to be worn by a person having any arm size. The cuff is also not discomforting for the skin.

Quick Reading

This device has the features known as ‘Critical Information Delivered Quickly’. This feature makes the device measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure in a reliable and efficient manner. It quickly monitors for any condition of hypertension, which is known as high blood pressure, and even irregular heartbeat.


It has a memory to store blood pressure readings of at least two individuals. This device can store a total number of sixty readings each. As these readings are stored inside the monitor they can be easily viewed later on.


The 1byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure has another beneficial feature of being a very portable device. This device can be operated through the energy of 4 AAA batteries, which add to the device’s portability. Due the batteries not coming with the device, it does come with an AC adapter which is included in the package.


FDA Approved

The 1byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure also has approval from the FDA. Thus, it is guaranteed to be a high-quality product for sale and usage. The product also comes with a full one-year guarantee for users. This means that all damage, defect, and any case of replacement are covered.


When it comes to the functionality of this device there are some instructions that need to be followed when using the device at home. These instructions include taking rest for a few minutes before using this device. The posture of sitting should be upright with legs not crossed and feet touching the ground.

After this, the arm closest to the heart should be straightened on which the cuff is to be worn. The cuff should be worn on the upper arm and should not be either too tight or too loose. A good test of this is to ensure that your finger can fit in between your arm and the cuff. A deep breath should be taken before the device is operated for the readings to be recorded. Within about thirty seconds your results will be displayed by the monitor.

The range of pressure measured is from 0mmHG to 300 mmHg. And the range of pulse rate is from 40 to about 200 beats per minute. Furthermore, it also comes along with a nylon case bag to keep it safe when not in use.


You can get this product from Amazon for $25.49.

The 1byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is one of high quality and reliable blood pressure monitors that you can go for due to the numerous features it comes with and the fact that it is very easy to use and store.

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