5 Fat Burning Foods

burning-foodFoods are like words. They seem so harmless. We may even enjoy them immensely. Yet, they have the power to bring us up and down. Not just in emotion either. They make the numbers on our scales go up and down, also. Some foods can help us to jump start our diet by increasing the amount of fat that we burn just by eating them. Other foods don’t jump start our metabolism, but they do slow down the process of making our food into energy which will help us to get rid of those snacking tendencies. If these are not super foods, then nothing is. After all, for some the ability to stop those midday hunger pains take some super human (or super food) capabilities.

So here is a list of five of these super foods that will help you to burn body fat for various reasons:

Whole Grains

Popcorn lovers unite! Popcorn is a whole grain. What makes it fattening is all that butter, salt, and cheese we put on it. If you can have a light hand with these toppings, popcorn can be a great part of your diet.


Oatmeal is another delicious way to get in some whole grains. Try sweeting it with fruit instead of sugar. You can also add in flax seed, nuts, and other feel good components to make it even more healthy.

Why are whole grains so amazing for you? Your body has to work double time to break them down. This means that you burn more calories while your body is breaking them down. They stay in your system longer because they have fiber. You get to feel fuller longer which means you are not reaching for that candy bar at 3pm.

Lean Meats

Grab some baked chicken. Go ahead and put a lean steak on the grill. The key here is to have lean meats in the right portions. Don’t go overboard on the seasoning either. Use olive oil or coconut oil for cooking your lean meats and see more great benefits.


The thing about lean meats is that it takes you more calories to burn it than you get consuming it. So eating it will jump start your metabolism and leave you feeling nice and full.

Apple Cider Vinegar

No one actually likes to drink this stuff, but 2 ounces goes a long way. Think about taking a shot in the morning. Or add a shot to your water bottle. Try using it as a salad dressing at lunch. It doesn’t matter how you consume it, as long as you do.


Why do you need ACV in your life? That’s an easy one. It helps to flush out impurities from your body. It is also an appetite suppressant. Maybe it is the taste, but you just don’t want to eat after your drink it. If it works, don’t knock it, right?


Eggs have gotten a bad rap lately. They are blamed for high cholesterol and other not so nice things. The truth is that they are high in protein. They will help you to burn fat while building muscle. If you are working out a lot, don’t skip the eggs for breakfast.


For some added health benefits, throw in some spinach or kale. Scramble it all together for a quick and healthy meal. 

Spicy Foods

Capsaicin is found in hot peppers. Think jalapenos and chili peppers. You don’t have to eat them raw. That would be torture. You can eat them dried or in hot sauce. Just be aware of everything that is going into your hot sauce or you are going to be working against yourself.


So the way that these work so well is that they give your body a kick of heat. That heat makes your metabolism jump start so that you are burning more calories at a faster rate.

See, these are easy to incorporate super foods that will help you to lose fat. These are all healthy on their own for their own reasons. To be honest, if you are eating a wide variety of healthy foods, you will lose body fat. So go eat, in moderation.

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