5 Reasons to Cut Out Sugar

sugar-cartoonSugar is literally everywhere. It is in almost everything that we eat or drink. While it is true that some sugar is good for you, too much sugar is just like a drug. If you want to lose weight, feel better, or get a healthier you, the first thing that you need to do is start cutting back on your sugar. Here are five reasons why you need to start cutting your sugar back right now.

Sugar is Addictive

Your body will literally crave sugar to the point that it experiences withdrawals. If you are trying to lose weight, cutting out sugar seems like a given. However, a lot of the foods we eat have added sugar in them. Part of the reasons that diets don’t succeed is the fact that your body is used to getting this sugar. When you first cut it out you will feel like you are depriving your body of something that it has to have. It can be as bad as any other addiction.


You will feel better

Sugar seems to make you have more energy, but that isn’t the case. Usually as sugar high will only last a few minutes to an hour. Then you have to get more sugar to achieve that energy again. You brain and body is left in a sluggish state that will make you feel horrible until you get that sugar. Once your body is weaned off this sugar addiction, you won’t crave it. Your body will be less sluggish and you will feel better. All of your body’s systems will begin to function better.

You will be smarter

That seems impossible. However, it is true. Too much sugar can kill brain cells, it can prevent cells from forming, and kill off connections that the brain creates. Too much sugar has been linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. So, stop filling up on sugar for those late night cram sessions and you will see a huge difference in your memory and your thought process. Your mind will be clearer once you rid yourself of your sugar addiction.


You will be healthier

Sugar lowers your immune system. It makes you more susceptible to the common cold, the flu, and infection. Once you cut your sugar, your body can begin to heal itself. It will be able to fight off infections and viruses which means that you won’t need to go to the doctor as often. It also means that you will need antibiotics less often. Your antibiotics will work better for you once your body is helping itself more also.

Your mouth will thank you

Sugar causes tooth decay. It literally eats away at the enamel on your teeth so that they become weak. The result is that you get cavities, your teeth become loose, and you will experience more mouth pain. Another side effect of too much sugar is that your breath smells bad. If you are suffering from constant bad breath, begin cutting back on your sugar intake. You are likely to see a change in your overall mouth health within just a few days of doing so.


Natural sugars can be found in fruits and vegetables. These sugars are better for you than the processed and refined sugars that we find in most foods. It is very misleading to think that sugar is a natural part of life and therefor okay to consume, after all there are restaurants that add it to your food to keep you coming back. The truth is that you only need about 10% of your daily calorie intake to be sugars. Anything more than that is unhealthy. Now that you are armed with knowledge, perhaps you can find ways to cut sugar from your diet and feel better.

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