6 Zinc Rich Foods

zincZinc is considered to be an important component for a healthy human body. Our body requires a number of minerals in order to maintain healthy functions and zinc is one of those minerals. Zinc deficiency can cause many problems for the human body. It is also important as part of any body weight program.

Zinc strengthens the immune system to fight against different infections and ensures that your body remains well. It also plays a role in the proper functioning of the metabolic system. It is also very important for pregnant women, as well as those who are lactating. There are a lot of food items that you can consume in order to provide your body with the zinc it needs. Here’s a list of 6 zinc rich foods that you should make part of your meals in order to live a healthy life.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are known to have a rich amount of zinc present in them. As zinc is very important for the body and the immune system so consuming pumpkin seeds can take care of the zinc levels your body requires. Other than being rich in zinc pumpkin seeds are also known to protect men from prostate cancer. So, go ahead and add pumpkin seeds to your diet. They make for a very healthy dressing for any kind of salad you might be interested in eating.



Chocolate is also known for having a good amount of zinc in it. So feel free to eat chocolates in order to provide your body with zinc. While every chocolate has amounts of zinc in it, according to research, dark chocolate is most rich in zinc. Almost 10 mg is present in one hundred grams of unsweetened dark chocolate. Do you enjoy eating dark chocolate? Then go ahead and make it a part of your diet to keep your zinc levels in check.



Garlic is a very common food item that is used a lot in cooking. Garlic also contains a good amount of zinc in it which is enough to fulfil the needs of your body. Besides being rich in zinc, garlic has many other useful components in it like vitamins and manganese that is also very beneficial for body. If haven’t been eating garlic in your food till now then consider adding it in meals the next time you cook something.



There are numerous types of meats and almost every type has got zinc in it. You can start eating meat if you want zinc for your body to use. However, don’t go for meat food items such as burgers, and pizzas, etc. Those are going to do more harm to your body in the long run rather than good.


Mushrooms are also another great source of consuming zinc. There are hundreds of recipes that you can try out in order to create delicious meals rich in zinc and other minerals. There are also some edible mushrooms which you can eat directly instead of cooking them. 



You can also get zinc through cereals during breakfast. Bran and wheat are the common cereals that have zinc in them.

Make the above shared 6 zinc rich foods a part of diet and make sure that your body is provided with the right amount of zinc it requires to function properly.

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