Advantages of Having Body Fat

There are so many diet and nutritionists that will tell you that you must have a low body fat percentage. To know your body fat percentage you’ll need a good body fat analyzer. Everywhere you turn it is drilled into you that in order to be healthy, you must lower your body fat. However, few places will tell you that your body fat can get too low. You need some body fat. It is just as dangerous to have too low body fat as it is too high body fat. Look at these other benefits of having body fat.


If you have too low body fat, your body does not have the fat stores that are needed to create energy. You will not be able to get those bursts of energy that you may need in a workout. Your body will have trouble getting the energy that it needs just to get around on a daily basis. Fat is used for energy. You don’t have, you don’t have energy. It is that simple.

Health Benefits

  • Your sexual health can be dramatically affected by having a low body fat percentage. Your body needs fat in order to create hormones. Low body fat means low hormone levels. This is especially difficult on the female body because in can create an absence of menstruation. It can almost impossible to get pregnant without a proper body fat percentage.
  • Your thyroid needs body fat to help regulate your body temperature. Without proper body fat percentages, your thyroid can become unregulated. This can lead to some types of cancer and keep you feeling cold all the time.
  • Your pancreas creates insulin. You already know that too much body fat can cause your body to create too much insulin, but did you know that without body fat your body cannot create any insulin.
  • Cardiovascular disease is more prevalent in people who do not have an essential amount of body fat. The heart needs the cushioning of fat around it in order for it to pump blood as it is needed throughout your body.

What is a healthy body fat percentage?

Now that you know how important body fat is, you need to know what is good body fat percentage. Well that is going to vary between people but in general, men want to keep it under 15% while women need about 15 percent to keep their body’s running smoothly.


You should also know that your body fat percentage isn’t always accurate with your BMI. In fact, your BMI could be completely wrong. You need to get a digital scale that actually does your body fat percentage in order to get an accurate reading. You could get it other ways; a digital scale is just the easiest.


Remember that when you are dieting and introducing a new workout routine into your life, that it is always best to understand why you need to do, or avoid, things. That way you are making and informed choice and putting your health into your own hands. The goal is a healthier and happier you.

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