American men gained 15 pounds in 20 years


It has been the joke for decades in the rest of the world that Americans are fat and getting fatter. And as you can see form the chart below, there’s truth behind every joke. It seems like more diet and less exercise is the way people are going with their lifestyles.

“[This rate] is always a cause for alarm,” Dr. Goutham Rao, Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at Case Western Medical Center told ABC News.

He said that this rise will likely cause more problems for Americans, especially with regards to high blood pressure. “The prevalence of obesity in adults has increased since 2006, and this is true for kids as well. We are even seeing more children with adult problems, like high blood pressure.”


Women are not immune to this, according to the CDC data, they have been consistently getting larger too. There is however some good news. The same CDC data is showing a slowing down in the rate of increase. Owing to better education and more consumer awareness about what’s in their food.

Rao also said that there are some simple ways that people can halt this gain. One of the simplest is to swap out the sugary beverages for water.

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