Balance Professional Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review


The Balance Professional Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor measures both systolic and diastolic readings, in addition heartbeat, in one of the convenient manners. It comes with a lot of features that allow it to give in-depth and reliable BP readings to the users. The Hypertension pointer bar and the irregular pulse sensor will warn you if they detect any issues. The expansive, illuminated LCD screen shows the readings in an easy to read way. This device can be used by two users and it can store 60 readings for each individual. It is battery operated so you don’t have to worry about an electrical source to plug the device in to use it.

Greater Goods is a reliable company and their products do come with the guarantee that you’re buying something you can trust. This blood pressure monitor comes with a 2-year guarantee which means that you can always replace it or get it fixed if some harm occurs. Another great thing about this purchase is that a portion of the money is kept aside by Greater Goods for charitable purposes. So, this means that whenever you buy this blood pressure monitor you are not only taking care of your own health but you’re also giving a portion of the money to help youngsters in need.


The design of this device is very simple. What makes it standout from other similar devices is the colorful buttons. The display screen is also quite large which allows you to keep track of your readings easier. You don’t have to strain your eyes when using this monitor.

LCD Screen

The LCD Screen allows you to easily keep track of your health. It shows you the diastolic and the systolic readings along with your average heartbeat. The screen is backlit which makes reading easier.


Hypertension Pointer Bar

This device features a hypertension pointer bar which is a very good warning system for you and your health.


Two User

Two users can make use of this device as it can store up to 60 recordings for each individual. These saved recording will allow you to get a better understanding of your health.


Adjustable Cuff

The upper arm cuff can be easily adjustable in order for it to fit a wide range of arm sizes for more accurate readings.



You can get the Balance Professional Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor from Amazon for $29.99.

The Balance Professional Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor by Greater Goods it a reliable device and not only will it allow you get accurate readings you will also be giving a portion of your money spent to charity.

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