Being Married Might Help People Suffering From Type 2 Diabetes

marriedIt seems that being married might come with a lot of health benefits for both partners. According to a recent research, experts suggest that being married might help people stay slim and healthy. The results showed that being married aided individuals in preventing themselves from becoming overweight and giving rise to other health related diseases.

The current study observed people with type 2 diabetes. The results revealed that individuals that weren’t married were twice as likely to be overweight when compared to people who were married. The study was conducted by researchers from the Yokohama City University. Not only were married couples found to have healthy body weights, the results also showed that men experienced reduced risk of metabolic syndrome if they happened to be married. The said syndrome was a combination of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure that led to the blood vessels being damaged. However, researchers noted that the same didn’t hold true in the case of women.

The findings from the current study were presented by the researchers at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes that was held in Munich. According to the researchers, living with a wife or husband offered individuals with one of the most fundamental forms of social support. Previous studies provide evidence that shows a link between staying healthy and being married. It is believed by experts that when an individual is part of a loving relationship then he or she has better odds of eating healthy, taking their medication on time, and even going to visit the doctor if they happen to fall ill.


For the purpose of this research a total of 270 people were examined. All of them had type 2-diabetes. The average age of the individuals was 65. A total of 180 participants from the selected group were married while the remaining 90 were single. All of the participants had their height and weight recorded. Their body mass index (BMI) was calculated and fat content present in each individual was also measured. The final results showed that people who were married were 50% less vulnerable to being overweight when compared to the group of individuals that were single. All of the married participants also showed lower levels of overall body fat. On average, married people’s overall body fat was measured to be 18.9kg compared to in participants that were single.

As mentioned above, married men were found to be 58% less vulnerable to suffer from metabolic syndrome when compared to single men. However, this difference was not found in women, whether married or single. Further research is required in order to understand such an occurrence in women.


Dr Yoshinobu Kondo led the current research.  The authors of the study said that the results they gathered suggested that social support is required by individuals suffering from type 2-diabetes in order for them to live healthier lives.

In a similar study, that was published sometime back in June, researchers from Aston Medical School and the University of East Anglia, observed that people who were married had higher chances of surviving a heart attack. The rate of survival increased by 14% in individuals who were married compared to single individuals.

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