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There are new bathroom scales coming on the market every week in 2016 so it is important to know what you are buying. I have put together a reviews of the best bathroom scales on sale right now, let me know your thoughts below.


1. Omron BF511 Family Body Comp Monitor

2. Omron BF508 Body Composition And Body Fat Monitor Bathroom Scale

3. Smart Weigh Body Fat Digital Precision Scale

4. 1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

5. The 1byone Body Fat Scale

6. The Salter 9141 WH3R Glass Body Fat Analyser

It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your body weight loss journey or just trying to maintain your body weight, you need the best bathroom scale for your journey. There is a myriad of scales out on the market today. Some of them you can pick up at any store while others you have to special order. It is a daunting task trying to figure what you actually need. There are ways to simplify the process.

The best bathroom scale for you will have exactly what you need to make the journey interesting and productive. It isn’t about what worked for someone you know. It is about what will work for you. Having the best bathroom scale for you will mean that you want to use it. You will be looking forward to stepping on it. It should be easy to use. It should be easy to store. Most importantly, your body fat scale should be something that you love.

Omron BF511 Family Body Comp Monitor


Omron HBF-511BE BLUE Family Body Comp Monitor

This scale has classic look with the blue flat finish and the stainless steel handles that are easy to grip. It has a setting to allow up to four people to be memorized with their height, age and gender. This means that when it’s calculating your body fat or BMI it doesn’t need those details again. It’s priced in a mid-range compared to the other scales that are reviewed on this site. The LCD display and buttons are very easy to use and doesn’t require complex combinations to get to the figure you want. Read Full Review


Omron BF508 Body Composition And Body Fat Monitor Bathroom Scale

Omron Bf508 Body Composition And Body Fat Monitor Bathroom Scale

This body analyzer is simpler than the HBF511 in the functionality, but provides the same accuracy. It works in a similar way by inputting all your details, except it provides less readings than the HBF511. The essential ones are still there incluing your weight, visceral fat and body fat percentage. It lacks BMI and resting metabolic rate, but they can be calculated seperately by yourself with a calculator. Read Full Review


Smart Weigh Body Fat Digital Precision Scalestar45

Smart Weigh Body Fat Digital Precision Scale

This Smart Weigh scale has four high precision sensors that increase the accuracy of the readings. The tempered glass platform and the hour glass black figure shape in the middle of the scale gives it a very sleek and classy look. It is a lot cheaper than the other scales and provides even more information like body water and bone mass. Where as the Omron scales above leave those out. The other great thing about this scale is that it’s waterproof which a benefit if you want to keep this scale in the bathroom. Read Full Review


1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scalestar45

1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

If you’re looking for a scale in the mid-price range that has a lot of functionality then this is the one for you. It gives all the functionality of the previously listed scales plus bone mass, water percentage, muscle mass and body fat percentage. It also comes with an app that records your reading for your body composition which helps your track your progress over time. It also helps to get a more accurate body fat reading, because it can change from day to day, but if you average the value over a three to four day period it gives you a much better indication of your different readings. Read Full Review


The 1byone Body Fat Scalestar4

The 1byone Body Fat Scale

Similar to the bluetooth scale above it’s easy to set up, it’s considerably cheaper. There’s a reason for that. First it doesn’t connect to an app and it measures less of your body composition. It will do the essentials though like body fat and BMI, but if you want the full functionality from the 1byone scales then I would recommend the Bluetooth scale instead. Read Full Review


The Salter 9141 WH3R Glass Body Fat Analyserstar35

the Salter 9141 WH3R Glass Body Fat Analyser by Homemedics

In the same price range as the 1byone Body Fat Scale, I have found this scale a bit more accurate than the other one. The reason is that it has been more consistent with the readings it gives. The scale is fog resistent, not water proof, so keep it away from the bath tub, but fine to store in the bathroom. It is affordable, has a simple design and simple functionality. This scale is great for casual weighing. Read Full Review


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    1. Your reading can change depending on when you’re taking the reading. For the best results I recommend that you take the body fat reading at the same time every day, e.g when you wake up every morning so that you get a more consistent result.

  1. You should probably clarify that the 1byone bluetooth scale isn’t actually a bathroom scale because it isn’t waterproof.

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