Best Body Fat Analyzer August 2016

tanita1Every month new products come out on the market to analyze your body fat. This is a regular post that I’ll be doing monthly as a best body fat analyzer of the month type of article. This month I have chosen the Tanita BC554. I’ve reviewed this product in the past and have to say that nothing beats this Tanita scale in terms of accuracy.


It does look a bit more grey than the other body fat scales out there. Also a bit more pricey. However, what you’re paying for is a quality piece of machinery that sits in your home.


You can also read a full review of the Tanita BC554 that I did a while back. Let me know what you think.

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Article by: Richard Styles

Richard writes reviews of health and fitness products for BodyFatLoss. He has been with BodyFatLoss since 2016 and loves his bathroom scales and blood pressure monitors.