Best Body Fat Analyzer October 2016

Omron HBF-511BE BLUE Family Body Comp MonitorI have picked the Omron BF511 as this months best body fat analyzer. It is the body fat scale that I use every day. Out of all the others I’ve tried I have come to trust my Omron scale. You pick up the handle bars, wait for a few seconds and get your readings.


It’s not as sleek as the other scales out there. It has more of an industrial look to it. However I prefer my scales to be a bit more functional and accurate rather than looking too pretty.

Omron HBF-511BE BLUE Family Body Comp Monitor

We did a review of this body fat analyzer a few months ago. So if you want to learn more about the Omron HBF-511 I would really recommend it.

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Article by: Richard Styles

Richard writes reviews of health and fitness products for BodyFatLoss. He has been with BodyFatLoss since 2016 and loves his bathroom scales and blood pressure monitors.