Blood Pressure Monitor by VIVE Precision Review

This blood pressure cuff by VIVE Precision is a portable device which permits the user to track the blood pressure accurately while they are present in the comfort of their home. So, instead of going to the doctor every time you think your blood pressure may be high or low, you can just use this blood pressure monitor instead. You don’t even have to worry about the accuracy of the monitor because each unit is checked rigorously in order to ensure high standards.



The large display numbers make the readings easier to understand and this is further assisted by the backlit LCD display. Additionally, all of the measurements including the time and the date are displayed on the same screen. The overall design of this product makes it very portable and even easy to store. The cuffs are one size which fits all sizes comfortably and has a range of 22cm to 42cm.


This blood pressure monitor is full of features and they have been listed below.

Two users

Like most of the blood pressure monitors currently available, this blood pressure monitor also has two-user functionality. However, the difference between this monitor and the other monitors is the price. Other monitors have fewer features yet, they are more expensive than this one. You can conveniently toggle between the ‘two-user’ option so that you can record the measurements of the two users separately.



The device has a capacity of 500 recording measurements combined for both users. This means that for every user, the individual measurement capacity allotted is 250 measurements. Again, the price factor comes in here because other devices offer a much less capacity and are more expensive. While taking your blood pressure reading you also get to record the time at which reading was taken along with the date.


This blood pressure monitor basically takes three readings. It measures the systolic blood pressure which is the pressure in the blood vessels during the heartbeats. The second reading that the device takes is the diastolic blood pressure which is the pressure in the blood vessels during the time when the heart is at rest in between beats. Both of these measurements play a big role in the accuracy of the monitor. One other reading that the monitor takes is the pulse rate of the user in beats/minute.


This blood pressure monitor is powered with an AC adapter of 6V. However, you also have the option of powering the monitor by using 4AAA batteries. So, instead of worrying about finding a socket and buying an adapter, you can just put in 4AAA batteries and you can use the monitor without problems.


Irregular heartbeat detector

The blood pressure monitor also has a built-in irregular heartbeat detector which alerts you with a notification in case an irregular heartbeat is detected.

Guaranteed accuracy

Every product is tested individually to ensure the maximum accuracy.


You can get this device for $29.75 from Amazon.

The Blood Pressure Monitor for VIVE Precision is currently one of the best monitors you can go for due to its wide range of functionality and an easy to use design.

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