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BMI ScaleA body composition analyzer using a bioelectric-impedance method includes a display unit for showing measurement results including a weight and body fat ratio, and a processor responsive to a user’s input with regards to their age, gender, etc.

The display unit shows the body fat ratio along with the basal metabolism data, visceral fat data, muscle mass data, and bone mass data. The display unit shows an item selected from the basal metabolism data, the visceral fat data, the muscle mass data, and the bone mass data if the said item has been designated by the user while the body fat ratio is being displayed, and then it displays another item if that item is subsequently designated by the user as well.

Thus, a main measurement result and a desired secondary measurement result can be viewed without waiting, and two or more desired secondary measurement results can be selected and viewed according to a person’s preference.

A body fat analyzer determines the amount of body fat present in an individual by using a measurement of body impedance which is based upon the nature of the conduction of an applied electrical current in the human body.

The analyzer has a constant current source circuit for inducing a high frequency low-voltage signal in the body, and magnitude and phase detection circuits for measuring the magnitude and phase shift of the induced signal.

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The GS6.6 Body composition analyzers with height measurement machines apply an accurate measurement of AVR microcomputer controller, based on new statistics method called DXA, which analyzes human elements such as fat, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), non-fat and other health indicators. It can help people evaluate their body state accurately. Also it can connect to a printer to show the human body elements.

Used in beauty clubs, sports and scientific research centers, institutions and enterprises, government agencies, health management and accessing agencies, the body composition analyzer helps a lot of people understand their bodies better.

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Keeping fit and healthy has a lot of benefits, both physical and psychological. Depending on the individuals a person might want to lose weight or gain it. In order to reach health goals in a proper manner a trustworthy means of measuring the composition of the body is required. If you happen to be in the market for body composition analyzers you will end up finding a lot of models to choose from. What one needs to keep in mind is that the model they end up choosing needs to give the most accurate results possible. A lot of the commercially available body composition analyzers don’t give accurate readings. This means that if you happen to take measuring your body weight very seriously then you won’t be able to keep a record in a proper manner. You won’t be sure if the reading you’re being shown is something you can trust in. A lot of health professionals have high-quality body composition analyzers. That’s why it is a good idea to consult your doctor, or even a personal trainer at a gym, to see if you can buy a commercially available analyzer that can provide you with the precise results you want.

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