Body Fat Analyzer VS Calipers

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart ScaleBy seeing the advantages of being fit and healthy a lot of overweight people tend to use different methods to calculate their body mass daily in order to see how close they are to their health goals. There are different techniques available but most of them possess uncertainties and sometimes give huge inaccuracies related to results. When trying to get rid of weight, or when trying to gain some muscle mass it is important to take measurements of your body. To achieve the most precise readings many turn to new and innovative ways to measure their progress. Body-fat measurement has, for some time, been considered an ideal way to chart physical improvement, with various skin-fold techniques generally considered the most convenient, accessible and cost-effective way. Here you will get to know about the Body Fat Analyzers and the Calipers, and see if one really is better than the other.


Calipers are the apparatus used to measure various skin-fold thicknesses, at specific sites, to acquire a percentage value. Generally speaking, a successful result is one which places an individual within a desirable range for their gender and age. Calipers work by pulling subcutaneous fat (fat directly under the skin) away from the muscle with the tongs situated at their ends. Several pre-determined sites are measured by a gauge that records the thickness of the pinch created by the tongs. An equation can be used to determine body-fat percentage, or the skin-fold thicknesses, on their own, can be used to gauge a person’s progress. The caliper testing method of body-fat measurement works on the notion that 50-percent of the total body fat lies under the skin.

Pro & Cons

Measuring with calipers can come across as a prolonged and difficult method. Mostly the body building industry widely uses it to calculate the muscle fat and to help individuals remain in shape. It is considered to be amongst the most accurate fat measuring scale available in the market.


Body Fat Analyzers

body fat analyzer comes in two different types. They are either held in the hands or they are stepped on like a scale. In order to use them, your skin needs to be bare. Body fat analyzers have galvanized electrodes that send a small, painless current of electricity through your body. Don’t worry, the current is painless. With the hand-held version, this signal is sent through one hand and travels down to the waist area, back up the body and through the other hand to the other electrode. The body fat analyzers measure the subcutaneous fluid under the skin which is also known as the body fat. Using the floor version you simply have to stand on it, as still as possible, for the current to flow through your body and give you a reading.

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Pro & Cons

A lot of people consider using body fat analyzers to be very easy. All they have to do is stand on it or hold it in their hands, depending on the model. However, it is said that results could be 2% off from the actual reading a person has.

While calipers do give accurate readings they are a bit difficult to use and take time to get a reading. That’s why people prefer body fat analyzers as they’re easy and don’t take up time to give a reading even if the reading might not be accurate all of the time.

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