Does Cutting Out Sugar Help You Lose Weight?

Anytime someone says they want to go on a diet, the first thing that comes to mind is the idea that you have to give up all the sweet stuff that you love. You say goodbye to your sodas, your donuts, and your favorite candy bars. Is it the cutting of sugar itself that helps you to lose weight? Take a lot at these findings on why cutting your sugar helps you lose weight and decide for yourself whether or not cutting sugar really helps you to shed those pounds quickly and permanently.

Cutting Sugar means less processed foods

When you cut your sugar you begin to read labels to see what is in your food. When you decide that you are not going to eat sugar, you take out more than half of all the foods that you find in the grocery store. Sugar is often used for texture and flavor that we don’t even notice that it is sugar anymore. Cutting out your sugar ultimately means that you are going to find another way to flavor your foods, which means that you are going to be removing processed food from your diet.


This substitution goes way beyond just processed foods, although they make up a huge percentage of the average American diet. It means that you are substituting your favorite drinks too. Fruit drinks add high fructose corn syrup which breaks down as pure sugar in your body. Sodas have sugar as well as high fructose corn syrup. So what are you going to drink? That is simple. You are going to reach for a bottle of water or even drink tea. Your tea is going to have less sugar in it than any of teas that you purchase. Hopefully, you are going to reach for a no calorie sweetener which means even less sugar.


Your snacking choice is going to change. You are more likely to reach for fruit, which has natural sugars, nuts, or even whole grains. These are going to make you feel fuller longer. That will help you to shed your pounds as well.

What’s going on

So here is why sugar keeps you from losing weight. Sugar contains empty calories. Your body is going to burn through these calories fast. You are going to be hungry more often. Sugar is addictive. It means that your brain begins to think that it needs it. So you are hungry more often for the wrong kinds of foods. The more sugar you eat means that more sugar that you want to eat.


Your pancreas is what controls your insulin. Your insulin is what helps your body to break down that sugar. When you consume a lot of sugar in a short period of time, your body makes a lot of insulin. This insulin makes your body store fat. It puts you at a higher risk of having type II diabetes, which means your body isn’t processing the sugar right and you have to give yourself shots of insulin.


The question was: Can cutting sugar help you lose weight? The answer is yes. Cutting sugar is going to have you reaching for better food choices which are going to help your body burn fat rather than store. So begin fighting that addiction and cut back your sugar.

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