Finding your Body Fat Percentage

calipers-2Losing weight is not easy. It is about changing your entire lifestyle in order to be healthy. You research diets, try out new foods, and you begin to exercise regularly. The important thing is that you are consistent in all your efforts so that you know what works for you and what doesn’t. That is probably the hardest part of dieting. Changing habits is not easy for anyone.

One of the habits that must be changed is the way that you gauge your weight loss. Instead of trying to going to the scale to see exactly how many pounds that you lose, or gain, you need to focus on the change in your body fat percentage.

There are three significant ways to get, and track, your body fat percentage. It is the way that will help you see your improvements because muscles weigh more than fat.

The first way

The first way to measure your body fat is to get a device called a caliper. One of these resemble an ice pick in a way. They are giant pinchers that will grab the fat. Then the numbers will correspond with the amount of body fat that you have. It is pretty simple. It takes just a few minutes. It will give you a consistent number.


The second way

This is going to take a partner. You will also need a tape measure and a ruler. All you need to do is find the halfway point between your shoulder and your elbow. Pinch the skin there. Do not lean the ruler on the fat, rather line it up with the millimeter side. You need to do this three times and figure out the average of the three readings. Then check out the table and find where you fit in.

MillimetersPercentage for menPercentage for women


This is not the most accurate of all the ways, but it will give you consistent results. The consistent results is the important part.

The third way

This is the simplest way to do it. You go online and find a body fat percent calculator. They will ask you to put in your weight and your waist measurement. Then they calculate it and give you the body fat percentage.


There are some really great digital scales on the market that will quickly and easily show you what your body fat percentages are. They are often the most accurate way to go. They can keep track of all your changes so that you can see how your progress is going.

No matter how you decide to figure out your body weight percentage, you will get better results if you do it at the same time of day each time that you do it. Remember that you are not after the perfect method, only the most consistent one. It is important to accurately gauge your weight loss so that you can reach your goals in the best way possible.

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  1. I actually did a hydrostatic weight a month ago. It was pretty accurate and I have 15.7 body fat. It was really helpful when it came down to adjusting my macros as well. Have you ever done that? It’s a really experience! Thanks for your insight Carmen.

    1. Hi Cullen,

      Thanks for your comment. I haven’t done the hydrostatic test, but I did do a BodPod test that was quite accurate too. 15.7% is a good percent to be at. Do you have a target in mind?

      Carmen x

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