Revealed: The 11 Most Common Hiding Places For Complex Sugar

We all know how toxic the consumption of excess refined sugar can be for our bodies. Ironically, they are everywhere: in our sodas, iced teas, candies and even disguised in various forms as preservatives and flavors. They come disguised as sucrose, dextrose, high-fructose corn syrup, rice syrup and a host of other names; that way, we don’t think too much of it.

Consuming refined sugar is detrimental to our immune system because they negatively affect the way white blood cells deals with bacteria in the body, thereby suppressing the way our immune system is supposed to respond to attacks. This is not to say that eating foods containing sugar is wrong; on the contrary, there are many foods that contain natural sugars, such as fruit, that your body needs for optimal health. If this is so, then what’s the problem?

The problem lies in the type of sugar we consume and the amount we consume. A study has shown that Americans consume an excess of 700 calories in sugar alone on a daily basis. The American heart association has advised women to consume less 6 teaspoons/25 grams of added sugar per day, while men strive for no more than 9 teaspoons/37.5grams per day. This is because we already consume complex sugars (good sugars) from our wheat grains and fruits.
It’s time to get your health back on track and the first step towards achieving perfect health is by cutting out all forms of added sugars; use the infographic below to find out where they’ve been lurking in your diet.


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