How Accurate are the Body Fat Analyzers?

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With the passing of time technology is improving whether it’s in the educational field or the medical field, etc. We all know the importance of body fat if they are present in a certain limit. If the percentage of fats increases or decreases from the normal percentage that our body should have then it could be fatal for a person.

It is very important to keep ensuring that the body fats remain normal if a person is to live a healthy life. You should measure healthy body fat because you don’t want to let it drop or climb out of control. If you do not eat properly for a day or two then it’s not a big issue but when your eating habits have you starving yourself or overeating then it can definitely lead to a problem.

So, how can we make sure if the percentage of our body fat is normal or not? There are various types of body fat analyzers available in the market. They are also known as “impedance meters”. If you have them in your home then you’ll be able to keep track of your health. Not only that but they can be helpful in providing the data that you can use to make some important changes in your lifestyle. If you find that your body fat percentage is high then you can make certain changes in your diet, you can work out more to burn some calories, and keep your body fat under control. If your body fat is below the normal level for your height, gender, and age then you’ll have to properly gain body fat to live a healthy life.


However, the question arises regarding how accurate a body fat analyzer really is? Since there are multiple body fat analyzers available to the general public it is true that not all of them give accurate readings. There are also some other factors that play a role in such analyzers not giving you proper readings.

Factors Affecting Accuracy

The problem with body fat analyzers is that they often give wrong measurements. It is not necessary that the analyzers are faulty or they should be blamed for inaccurate results. Although the quality and type of product itself matters a lot still there are many factors that can affect the results as well. Factors such as the time you took your last meal, when you last consumed a liquid, whether your feet are dirty, etc. can play a role in inaccurate readings.

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It has been found through studies that the body fat analyzers produce generally different readings and these measurements usually vary from standard methods of fat measurement. According to the study published in Obesity Facts the analyzers with only foot electrodes tends to underestimate body fat in people with the high value of body fats whereas they overestimated body fat in people with low fats. It is also stated that the body fat analyzers may be less accurate for aged people, children, trained athletes and people with osteoporosis as compared to others.

Usually a good quality body fat analyzer will give quite an accurate reading. That is why it is important that you buy a device that is trustworthy. It might show a difference of 1% from the actual reading on occasion but that is still better than using an analyzer of poor quality.

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