How do Body Fat Analyzers Work?

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A body fat analyzer as the name implies is a tool (equipment) which is used to measure body fat.

This tool works just like pulse registers do on a treadmills but it has one exception which is that fat analyzers use little electrical charge to measure the body fat in an individual.

The Types

The body fat analyzers are of two types. One of them is the type which is held in hands and the other one is stepped on like a scale.

The hand-held analyzers flow is mostly through the upper part of the body that is starting from one hand, up to the arm, through the upper torso, and then down the arm to the other hand.

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While a scale analyzer’s flow is across the lower part of the body, starting from one foot, up the leg, through lower torso, and then down to the other leg, and then to the foot. Also your skin needs to be bare if you want to use them.

The Factors

When we use a body fat analyzer, there can be a lot of factors that can affect the measurements such as the consumption of food or any type of liquid or exercise done before taking a reading. These factors can cause the analyzer to give higher readings of body fats. Therefore, in order to avoid any inconsistency or error, it is best to use them in the morning right after you wake up.

Before using the body fat analyzer, it is essential for you to keep a few things in your mind such as your age, height, gender, activity level, and weight. This is because the analyzers take these things into consideration before giving a reading. Knowing about the activity level means whether a person who wants to use the analyzer is an athlete or a normal person. Analyzers consider a person an athlete if they happen to exercises at least four days a week.

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After you enter the required information in the analyzer, it is ready for use. If you are using the hand-held analyzer then what you have to do is just grab the galvanized electrodes strongly, stretch your arms straight in front of you and hit the start button and wait few seconds to see the result. Same is the case for the scale analyzer as you just have to stand straight on it completely covering the electrodes with both your feet and wait for few seconds. The reading of the body fat will appear on the screen of your device.

How Do Body Fat Analyzers Work?

Now let’s see how body fat analyzers actually work. They have electroplated electrodes that are responsible for producing a small amount of painless current that passes through your body. If you are using hand-held analyzer then the current signal is sent through one hand and travels down to the upper torso, which is waist area, and then travels back up to the body through the other hand completing the whole circuit.

The same is the case with the scale analyzer, the only difference is that you, instead of holding it, stand on it and the signal enters through foot travels up to the leg, and so on until it reaches the other foot to complete the circuit. As mentioned above your skin needs to be bare before using any of the two types of analyzers.

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