How To Lose Body Fat


Losing weight is challenge. It is definitely a challenge to do more than just fit in clothes. It is a challenge that is probably set with the goal of feeling better and being able to do more. While exercise is definitely a must, there are simple diet changes that can help you to lose body fat and keep it off. These diet changes are more like life style changes in that they mean that you must continue to keep with the set pattern of eating so that you don’t gain the weight back that you just lost. So here it is. The best way to change your diet so that you lose body fat, not just weight.

Don’t drink your calories

Sounds like an easy fix. Just cut out your sodas. After all, everyone knows that sodas are full of addictive sugars that do little more than make you fat. However, you need to look at the fruit juices that you are drinking. Those are high in fructose that your body processes just like sugar. You also need to watch out for the cream and sugar that you are putting into your morning coffee.


The best thing to do is drink water. Your body needs at least 72 ounces of water per day. If you just need something more, which is common among new dieters, brew some tea. Reach for the no calorie sweetener for your tea. If you absolutely must have that soda, go for a diet soda.

Eat more protein

Lean meats have protein. Chicken and fish are great sources of protein. They will help you to feel full. They will also help you to stay feeling fuller longer. If you eat whole eggs in the morning, you will be less likely to reach for a mid-morning snack. Dairy is full of protein.


Simply stated, protein fights belly fat. Oils like vegetable oil will increase fat so switch to coconut oil. Fish also adds in the good fats, the omega threes, while taking out unhealthy body fats.

Say goodbye to your carbs

A low carb diet is the most effective way to cut out body fat quickly. Most people experience results within a week or so of starting a low carb diet. When you cut out carbs, like breads and pastas, you force your body to find the energy it needs by burning your body fat.


A great way to lose body fat fast is to decrease the amount of carbs you take in while increasing the amount of protein that you eat. This will keep you from getting hungry. Just remember to drink a full glass of water before you eat. There are a lot of times that you will mistake hunger for thirst and therefore unknowingly take in more calories than your body really needs.

Finally fiber

Fiber is found in a lot of fruits and vegetables. Your leafy greens are high in fiber. Not only does fiber slow down digestion, which means that you are going to feel fuller for longer, but it helps to clean out the colon. This is going to help to rid your body of the things that it doesn’t need more efficiently.


When you make these four changes by themselves, your body is given the opportunity to burn the fat that it needs to. However, for maximum benefits you should exercise regularly. Begin by keeping a food diary so that you can accurately see where your calories are coming from. Then you will be able to see clearly when and where your changes need to be made. Be sure to monitor your progress with a body fat analyzer to keep you motivated.

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