How to Reduce Belly Fat

bellyfatBelly fat is frustrating. It can be so hard to get rid of that it becomes an almost obsessive point of your workout routine. However, there may be a reason why your belly fat is not going away with all those crunches, sit ups, and toe touches. You may need to find another way to burn that body fat. So here you will find a comprehensive guide to losing body fat.

Get Aerobic

Get up and get moving is a great way to lose belly fat fast. You need to get your heart rate up and keep it so that your body is at work a therefore burning fat. The faster that you move, the more fat is burned. For example, you can burn about 125 calories in a mile when you are running but only about 80 calories by walking that same mile.


It is hard to just get up and run, especially if you are new to the whole working out world. What you can try is to too walk steady for five full minutes and the then jog a full thirty seconds. Slowly stretch your jogging time until you are jogging for the full mile.

Stop Drinking your calories

For a lot of people, the liquids that are consumed take in more calories than what they eat. One twenty-ounce soda has just under 240 calories. Trade that soda for a water. The sugar that is in those sodas are just empty calories. It means that your body is going to burn through the energy that is created. You are going to be left feeling tired.


That sugar is also addictive. So the next time you want a drink, you’re more likely to want that soda. Those calories add up. Your body is going to store all that up as fat, which is bad.

Stop eating when you are thirsty

Another bad habit most people have is too reach for a snack when they should be reaching for that water bottle. Most people will mistakenly think that they are hungry when they are actually thirsty.

What is worse, they reach for a soda instead of a bottle of water. The sugar in that soda is going to make you thirstier and then you are just going to reach for another soda. It is a vicious cycle that only leads to weight gain.


The best advice is to reach for a water bottle. You will eat less if you drink eight ounces of water before a meal. Plus, you may realize that you were not even hungry, you were just thirsty. That will lead to you reducing the amount of calories you are consuming when you don’t even need them.

These are just a few ways that will help you to reduce your belly fat. There are many ways to do so, you just need to find a way that works for you. That is the way to find a healthier and happier you that has less belly fat. This is also called visceral fat which can be monitored using a body composition monitor.

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