Is a Low Fat Diet Good For You?

low-fatAs a common man, one will think that a low fat diet will help you to lose weight and have fewer amount of fat in the body. But the approach of having a completely low fat diet is not good as it will ultimately result in making you fat and unhealthy. Despite making you feel healthy and active when you first start out a low fat diet can put your whole life at risks. There are many risks which are associated with a complete low fat diet; some of them are discussed below:

Poor Brain Function

Brain is majorly made up of fat and it demands to have a steady stream of fatty acids in order to perform its functions optimally. The brain requires a high source of cholesterol to manage its operations effectively and that is why it is considered as the fuel of the brain. The more an individual increased their intake of fats and cholesterol, the more active his brain would be. Though don’t overdo it as an above-normal intake of both these things gives rise to health problems. A low fat diet cuts out a lot of food items that are considered healthy for the brain.


Higher Risk of Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Numerous studies have proven that excess of weight gain and insulin are highly connected to each other. Insulin is also called a fat storing hormone; it helps the blood sugar level to go down. Observing the importance of insulin and its resistance in the development of diabetes and heart diseases, appropriate level of fat is required. When one starts eating a low fat diet, the process of development of insulin will slow down in the body and it can result is diabetes. So, it is not recommended to eat a low fat diet especially at an old age.


Weight Gain and Overeating

Recent researches have proved the relationship between fat and weight loss or weight gain. Many people go on a diet but shortly after they gain much more weight than they had lost. The main reason behind this is that when they start eating low diet food items, they start overeating and as a result they gain more weight rather than losing it. A low fat diet increases the appetite requirements of a person and hence they are forced to eat more.

Higher Risk of Depression and Anxiety

Fats and other such acids play an important role in the functioning of the brain and controlling of moods. When one has a low intake of fats, it may result in the decrease of brain functions. This leads to the problem of expressing anxiety and depression. That is why having proper amounts of essential fats inside the body leads to a better mood.

Gut-Related Problems

High fat and high fiber diets are co-related to each other. A healthy diet naturally has more fats and supplies enough energy to the body to keep it in a balanced state. A low fat diet can lead to gut related problems.


So, before you decide on starting a low fat diet you need to make sure what you’re getting yourself into. Seek advice from dietary experts before you make your final decision. And to make sure you’re getting the results you want, you will need a good body fat analyzer to make sure you’re on the right track.

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