New Review States That Side Effects of Statin May Be Over Exaggerated


There is a lot of debate in the medical community regarding the administration of statins, drugs that are used for controlling cholesterol. Researchers are still trying to decide whether or not these drugs do more harm than good to the human body.

In order to provide a conclusion to the debate, a new review suggests that the drawbacks of statins have been over exaggerated and that their use comes with a lot of benefits for patients. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) a total of 93% of U.S. individuals used statin by 2011 and 2012 in order to lower their cholesterol. This medication reduces fatty plaque build-up and prevents blood vessels from being blocked.


Rory Collins, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at the University of Oxford, led the current review. He stated that the harm associated with statins might be overstated in the medical community and its efficacy has been underestimated. He added that there is a lot of confusion regarding the use of statins. Apparently, a total of 20% of people who use statins come forward with the claim that they are intolerant to this medication. The current review was published in the journal Lancet.

For this review data of 10,000 patients for five years was observed by researchers. The data was about the effects given rise due to the use of an average 40mg daily dose of statins. The researchers found out that the current dosage was responsible for the reduction of cholesterol levels and helped to prevent 1,000 major heart-related problems. These cardiovascular problems included heart attacks, coronary artery bypasses and strokes in people who were suffering from existing vascular disease. The reduction of cholesterol also helped to prevent 500 cardiovascular issues in individuals who were at risk because of their age or due to some other health factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

According to Collins, the results of this review showed that the risk of heart problems were reduced by approximately 25% for each unit drop in their cholesterol levels each year the patients took the drug. These results were made in comparison to individuals who didn’t take such medication.


The results from the randomized controlled trials indicated that the side effects due to the average dose of statin were quite low. The people who took statin in order to prevent strokes and heart attacks were larger compared to the number of people that also exhibited side effects due to statin therapy. The experienced side effects can be reversed and they didn’t have any residual effects if one were to stop taking statin. However, not taking statin in order to reduce risk of strokes and heart attacks due to fear of side effects will have more long lasting and devastating effects.

That is why the misconception surrounding statin makes people hesitate from taking statin. This deprives them from the medication they are in dire need of. By showing people that most of these claims are over exaggerated and statin does more good than harm patients can get the care that they require.

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