New Study Claims that the Longest a Human Being Can Live is 115 Years

old-manThough people wish to live on forever, a new research suggests that they can only live for about 115 years. Even though life expectancy has increased, the number of maximum years that a human being can live hasn’t.

According to a team of researchers from the Einstein College of Medicine (New York), the maximum lifespan of a person is probably not going to go any further. The study was published in Nature. The researchers note that the data they collected strongly showed that a human’s duration of life is quite limited and won’t go above 115 years of age.

For the purpose of this study, global databases on lifespan were observed. The researchers found out that that the maximum age peaked at around 100 and then started to fall. The limit they came up with was 115, though there were some expectations that went as far as 125.


The results show that the rate of survival declined after reaching the age of 100. Also, the age at which the world’s oldest recorded person died is the same as it was back in the 1990s. The study concludes that the maximum lifespan for a human being is fixed and is dependent on a number of natural constraints.

However, the life expectancy has indeed improved due to the introduction of vaccines, antibiotics and other medical innovations, etc. But even if human beings didn’t experience any disease in their life they would still eventually die.

While such a phenomenon was tough to prove, over the years better records have been kept by countries around the globe which allowed for such results to come forward. Even if living beings are put in optimum conditions they would still die due to the aging process.

The current research has gained support from other scientists as well. Dr. Thomas Perls of Boston Medical Center and the Boston University School of Medicine says that this was something that a lot of them in the medical community already knew and it was only a matter of writing everything down.

Dr. Perls has been studying people who are able to live till 110 years or older. The researcher shared that they currently have 150 people who were able to live more than 110; however, it has been very rare. Only one in every 5 million people is able to live till 110 or over.


If human beings don’t smoke, drink, have a vegetarian diet, aren’t overweight, are able to manage their stress, blood pressure and exercise regularly then according to the Seventh Day Adventists they are able to experience an average life expectancy of 86 for men and 89 for women. However, in order to go even higher than that a person would need a set of unique genes.

The current research has met some disagreement from researchers, such as David Sinclair, who argue that the aging process can be reversed in human beings and more years can be added to the current maximum lifespan. David Sinclair, a pathologist at Harvard Medical School, has been studying aging. He has done decades of work on numerous compounds that play a role in age reversal in cells. Age reversal in mice has been demonstrated but it has provided mixed results in human beings.

More research is needed in order to further understand the aging process of cells and whether or not the current limit of human life can be increased further than 115 years.

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