Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

The Omron blood pressure monitoring devices are one of the top-selling and most recommended devices for accurately measuring blood pressure and heartbeat rate at home. The 10 series by this manufacturer are the top series of its blood pressure monitor line. Generally, these monitoring devices are quite accurate, easy to use and are an excellent choice among blood pressure monitors. The BP785N is a newer model of the series released in 2014.


Following the overall shape and design feature of the 10 series, this product is quite compact as well. The black and stylish design makes this item standout from the rest. The display is also wide enough to ensure proper visual of the readings. It is light in weight and thus, won’t feel like a burden if you want to carry it around.



Omron 10 series blood pressure monitors are one of the most accurate and precise monitoring devices and their accuracy has been proven clinically. Some of the users have compared the Omron 10 series’ readings with the professional sphygmomanometer and found it to be very close to those readings.

Still, there is a lot of difference between home based digital monitors and professional measuring instruments used by medical doctors. To ensure accuracy, the Omron 10 series takes three readings automatically and displays its average according to the guidelines by the American Health Association.


The Cuff

Accuracy greatly depends on the grip and fitting of the blood pressure monitor. If the cuff is not fit, meaning that if it is either too loose or too tight, it will not give very accurate readings. But Omron 10 series has solved this problem because its cuff is very flexible regarding size. It can fit standard arms as well as large arms ranging from 9-17 inches in circumference. In addition, the cuff inflates and wraps around the arm in such a way that it overcomes the wrong positioning of cuff.

Easy to Use

The Omron 10 series blood pressure monitor is extremely easy to use due to its many built-in features. The large digital display enables the user to clearly read the numbers the device shows. This feature is especially very useful for aged people who usually suffer from long sightedness with increasing age.

The backlit display enables the user to get readings even in low light or the dark. While using Omron 10 series blood monitor, it is not necessary to remember the normal blood pressure ranges because the colored BP bar shows blood pressure ranges with different colors and compares your reading with those ranges and displays then in their respective color. The green color shows normal blood pressure while orange indicates hypertension.

Storage Memory

This blood monitoring device can store readings for 2 different users. It allocates space for 100 readings for each with respect to time and date. The last 100 readings can be easily accessed with a simple push of a button. Additionally, you can also check your weekly morning and evening blood pressure history of up to eight previous weeks.

Heartbeat Detection

One of the most outstanding features of the Omron 10 series is the irregular heart beat detection and notification system. When a user measures blood pressure regularly, the monitor develops a pattern for its heartbeat rate and using this pattern, if any reading fluctuates from normal pattern it detects such an occurrence and alerts the user about it. In this way, using this device, you can keep track of your blood pressure and maintain your diet and health accordingly.



This blood pressure monitor along with its amazing features is available for $64.99 through Amazon.

The Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor really is one of the high-end products that you can use in order to keep track of your BP readings. It is easy to use and you can carry it around without trouble.

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