Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

omron-10-series-1One of the top-selling blood pressure monitors is the BP786N from the Omron 10 series and the credit goes to the numerous features and the efficient design of the monitor.


This Omron 10 series monitor has extra-large digits and the monitor comes with a backlight making the readings easier to read. The device is portable and the design doesn’t make it bulky and an inconvenience to use or store.


Data transfer

Perhaps one of the most well-liked features of the BP786N is the Bluetooth support which enables easy data transfer. This means that if you want to have your health data on your mobile instead of having it on some random proprietary software then the BP786N makes this possible. However, remember that the Omron app is still in the beta stage and may have number of bugs that’ll be fixed soon enough.


The BP786N has clinically been proven to give accurate readings. This means that the readings are close to the ones taken with a professional sphygmomanometer. So, with device you get clinical readings like you get with similar professional devices but at a much lower price.

Tru Read

The device automatically takes three consecutive readings in intervals and then shows the average reading of the three. The time interval between the readings is adjustable plus the feature is absolutely optional so it’s up to you if you want to use it or not.

Cuff fitting

People often complain about the accuracy of a blood pressure monitor and the actual reason about such an inaccuracy is the cuff size. In the case where the cuff is not placed properly or is tight, then readings come out highly unreliable. However, with the BP786N, Omron has made extra effort to rectify this issue. The ComFit Cuff of the device fits an area of 9 inches to 17 inches. The cuff also inflates around the arm in order to minimize the incorrect positioning of the cuff.


BP level bar

The blood pressure level bar compares your readings to the standard readings of blood pressure and indicates where your readings currently stand. This is a useful feature since a person might not be familiar with readings for normal blood pressure. Additionally, the ranges are shown in different colors so that you can easily recognize if your readings are something you should be worried about. If the range is green, then your level is normal while the orange color symbolizes hypertension.


This device has a larger memory than the previous monitors from the series 5 and series 3. This device supports the use of 2 different individuals. The capacity of the memory storage is up to 200, a hundred for each user with the date and the time stamp. By just a press of a button, you get to see the last hundred readings from this device.

AM/PM averaging

With this option, you can view the past weekly evening averages as well as the morning averages for 2 months just by pressing a button.

Irregular heartbeat detector

While taking the measurement of the blood pressure, the device also looks for fluctuations in the user’s heartbeat.



You can get the Omron 10 Series Wireless Blood Pressure monitor for $64.99 from Amazon.

The Omron 10 Series Wireless Blood Pressure monitor has a lot of useful features that ensures that a person can get one of the most-detailed blood pressure readings by staying at home.

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