Six Iron Rich Foods


Iron is a very important mineral that the human body needs. There are many benefits of iron but the main purpose that makes it the most important for the body is that it helps oxygen to travel throughout the body through the blood circulatory system.

Iron is present in hemoglobin and that hemoglobin is present in red blood cells. Hemoglobin is the substance that helps oxygen to travel from the lungs throughout the rest of the body. You can understand more about the importance of iron by reading this post. If you have a deficiency of iron in your body then there will be not enough hemoglobin in your blood and the transport of oxygen will be disturbed. This sort of a deficiency is known as anemia.

When there is a sufficient amount of iron present in the body then the red blood cells are able to remain healthy and oxygen is easily transported through the body for better health. Other than oxygen transport, iron is also important for healthy nails, hair and skin.

So, how does one receive the correct amount of iron inside the body? Well, here is a list of 6 iron rich foods that can help you fulfill the need of iron inside your body. Be sure to make them a part of your diet.


Spinach is known to have a rich amount of iron in it. Spinach can be eaten for fulfilling the need of iron. Spinach is a common vegetable that is available so you can buy and eat it easily. There are many ways of eating it. You can eat it fresh, or you can boil it, or you can cook a whole meal by adding some spicy ingredients in it.



Broccoli is also rich in iron. It might not feel nice to eat, for a lot of younger kids, but broccoli is important to have the correct amount of iron inside your body. Try and add it to a soup you like if you don’t want to eat it alone.


Black Beans

Another awesome way to consume iron for your body is by eating black beans. They have a good taste so they are easy to eat. You can prepare numerous meals by using black beans, and ensure that your whole family is eating healthy.



Kale also has a sufficient amount of iron in it and it is easy to find because it is available almost everywhere. You can eat it as a salad. You can also eat it with some sliced oranges for a far greater taste.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has many benefits. It has multiple things in it. Zinc and iron are also present in chocolate, which are very important for the body. Also, it is also very tasty to eat so add it to your meal plan.

Chocolate Bars


Lentils also have iron in them and can be eaten once a day for fulfilling the needs of the body.


All of the foods that are mentioned above are common and easily available. Eating these food items will help your body stay healthy and you won’t have to suffer from iron deficiency.

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