Slight Touch ST-401 Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

The Slight Touch ST-401 is one of the best blood pressure monitor available. Moreover, the FDA has also approved it which ensures that it is a product with great quality and international high standards.


The Slight Touch-401 has a very large LCD display. This extra-large LCD display is also accompanied by a quiet inflation method. The LCD display screen measurements are about 2.5 inches in length and 1.8 inches in width. The large LCD display makes it easy and convenient for the users to read properly. It also has an AC adapter port within it.


Memory Storage for 4 Users

One of its unique and great features includes its ability to store memory. It can store 30 readings of blood pressure for about four people. Thus, in total it can store about 120 readings and each user and get data about their own readings.

In-Depth Readings

This BP (Blood pressure) monitor’s average lasts for about three results approximately. In addition to being able to display blood pressure details, it also displays other health statistics. These health statistics include heart beat and pulse rate. The pressure range it is able to display is from 0 to 300mmHg. While on the other hand with regards to the pulse rate ranges it can display from 30 to 180 beats per minute. It also has the ability to detect for irregular heartbeats.


Easy to Use

This device is very easy to use as the user needs to just wrap the cuff around his or her upper arm and press the power button so that it starts working in order to record their blood pressure level.

Secondary Features

In addition to the display of health indicators with a high level of accuracy it has many other secondary features as well which makes this device easy to use even at home. The secondary features include Date and Time stamps on the screen, display of error messages, and an indication of low battery. Moreover, it can automatically turn off its power when not in use. It displays reliable health results in just about one minute. Its battery will last for about two months when used three times a day. This BP monitor comes with a unique and stylishly designed carrying case, 6V AC adapter, and 4Aa batteries as well.



You can get the Slight Touch ST-401 Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor for $24.99 from Amazon.

This device is a very affordable blood pressure monitor that you should definitely go for if you want keep track of your blood pressure and don’t like those regular visits to the clinic.

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