Tanita BC554 Ironman Glass InnerScan Body Composition Monitor Review

Tanita BC554 Ironman Glass

The Tanita BC554 is one of the best weight scales for humans presently available in the market. It is a modern, advanced, and quite comprehensive body composition device. One of the best features of this device is the precise accuracy with which it shows one’s body stats. This precise information helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle by assuring that you remain above the recommended fitness levels at all times. The Tanita BC554 tells you your weight, body fat & water percentages, bone mass, metabolic age, body mass index, and also shares information about your level of fitness.

The Design

The Tanita BC554 has a unique, stylish, and futuristic design. It is normal sized, as far weighing scales go, in order to be easily placed in the bathroom. Moreover, it has a 2.25 inch LCD wide display to ensure easy reading of the health indicators. It has a height of about 2 inches and length and width of 12 inches and 13 inches respectively. It weighs around 8 pounds. The exterior of the device is made up of glass and silver, which makes it quite pleasing to look at.

Tanita BC554 Ironman Glass


The Tanita BC554 has an ability to store information about health indicators of four different individuals. Thus, making it a suitable device for the whole family in order to keep track of their health records and remain fit. You can easily check your health status and monitor how successful your diet plans are for you. The buttons are located along the middle of the device for better access. It is also very easy to use. All you need to do is stand on the device, remain steady, and allow it to show you your body’s data is just a few seconds.

Moreover, it displays your weight, body fat and body water in percentage terms. In addition to this, bone mass, metabolic age, and your level of fitness is also displayed to give you a better understanding of your health status. It also has a muscle mass feature which displays the weight of your muscles. The Metabolic age meter compares your BMI (Body Mass Index) to the average age according to the metabolism level. The Tanita BC554 uses BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology to display health indicators accurately.

Tanita BC554 Ironman Glass

The Price

The Tanita BC554 is available from Amazon for $147.99. This might be a bit expensive for some but if you happen to buy this device you won’t have to worry about shipping because it is free. The price is reasonable enough when looking at the extensive features offered by the device when compared to other similar products.

The Verdict

The Tanita BC554 seems to be the perfect to be used by the whole family. As mentioned it can store data of four different individuals which can be used to see if everyone is living a healthy lifestyle. It also comes with a 10 year warranty. The device shows the data very accurately and you don’t have to go to a clinic to get the same information. The style is also very eye-catching. The price can be a bit expensive for some but when weighing it with all of the features that the device offers then one can see why the manufacturers priced this device as such.

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Not that accurate

3 5 1
This is a great looking scale, unfortunately it's not as accurate as the other scales.

Best scale out there

5 5 1
I took a lot of time before purchasing a scale for myself and did a lot of research. The reason I went for this one is because it has the most features in terms of what it can measure. I highly recommend it.

Very Accurate

5 5 1
I'm not sure why the other reviewer is complaining that the scale is not that accurate, it is FDA approved as a medical device and used in hospitals. It is very accurate.

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