What are the Olympians eating in Rio?


There are thousand of athletes in the Olympic village that need to be fed. What are they eating? Here are some photos from the olympians on Twitter that give you a sense of what they’re eating.
olympics-food2USA field hockey team chatting over their healthy meal. They seem to be the only ones in the canteen though.


Sami Hill, USA Women’s Water Polo Goalkeeper shared this picture of her fresh Acai Juice.


David Boudia and Steele Johnson share a smile over something that looks delicious, but can’t quite work out what it is.


Kate Grace shows the importance of hydration in the hot humid environment.


Katie Zaferes has her own way of cooling down with some frozen peas.


John Nunn got a little bored and made some cookies. Seems he made enough to go around for everyone.


Iranian Olympic athlete goes for a less healthy option, lining up at the local McDonalds.


These are the snacks that are served while the athletes were waiting to come out in the opening ceremony.


Some media and spectators even got some pop corn.


The line at the canteen for the Olympic village. Lots of hungry people.


After a hard day of training, ribs and chicken are just what your body needs to recover.


Of course there’s always the Rio version of Lay’s chips.


Sir Chris Hoy has a quick snack before going to bed. A lot of protein to keep you going.


Bryony Shaw from team GB had this happy little snack before the first day of competition.


Team China tweeted this pic showing TeamNL choosing from a wide selection of foods at the Olympic village.

It seems like the athletes are staying well fed during this time. From the looks of the canteens there are options no matter what your diet or training program is. It is a place of competition, but after all that is done, the party starts and you get to enjoy all your hard work.

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