What you need to know about Visceral Fat

Visceral fat is the most dangerous of all the fats. It is one of the easiest to recognize, but one of the hardest to get the most accurate reading of. Measuring it at home is easy to do. The problem with measuring it at home is that it is not accurate.

You can get a very accurate reading through MRI or CT Scans. This is going to mean some serious cash and the help of a doctor. It is extremely accurate measurements, but not really necessary to track weight loss.

How to recognize visceral fat

This is simple. It is the fat that is trapped in your abdomen. That beer belly, those love handle, even your tight jeans are a good sign that your body is hanging onto visceral fat. Now, to be clear, not all that fat is visceral. The visceral fat is the fat that is wrapped around your organs. It is packed in there kind of like gel. It is denser than other types of fat.

Visceral fat actually sends chemical signals to your organs. It can affect hormone production as well as insulin resistance. That is the reason that it is linked to diabetes, depression, low sex drive, and more.


How to measure visceral fat

This is really easy process. All you need to do is measure your hip and waist. Then you divide your hip measurement by your waist measurement. You need to do this first while you are standing up and then again while you are laying down.

The visceral fat is dense. When you lay down it is not going to move. If you lay day and more of your fat goes to the side, then that means you hold less visceral fat.

Burning Visceral Fat

The good news is that burning visceral fat is easier than most types of fats. All you need to do is exercise. You can skip the sit ups and crunches; they won’t work that well. You want to get your heart pumping and keep it pumping.

Try walking more. Running is best. The more vigorous you exercise, the faster your heart is going, the more fat you burn. For beginners, try walking for five minutes straight. Then gradually add the amount of time you walk. Then start jogging for 30 seconds for every five minutes you walk. Pretty soon you will be able to run the full mile.


Your diet is really important also. You need a well-balanced diet. The goal is to burn more calories than you consume. You can cut calories by drinking more water. You can cut calories by cutting down on processed foods and refined sugars. The less ingredients in a product, the healthier it is for you.

The trick is to find a balanced weight loss plan that will keep you feeling full and happy. Once you manage that, everything else will fall into place. After all, the goal is to be healthy and happy.

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