Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer Review

The Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer is the perfect device for you to use in order to analyze your body stats. Not only that, this device is also able to tell you how healthy your living environment actually is. A lot of times people spend most of their day in a room that has high concentrations of carbon dioxide. Breathing such air is unhealthy for our bodies. The WS-50 Smart Body can help you know when to let fresh air in.

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer The device is more than capable of automatically syncing your weight, body fat composition, heart rate, and environmental data to your very own dashboard available through the free Withings Health Mate app. Having this data accessible on your smartphone makes setting as well as achieving your health goals very easy!

The Design

The sleek design of the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer is proof that it is a quality product. It weighs 4.4 pounds and the dimensions are 12.8 x 12.8 x 0.9. This makes it very easy to carry around. You can place it near your bed, or in the bathroom, or you can take it to any other room you want to check the air quality of.

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

This body analyzer has a very attractive square design with curved edges. The display is at the top and centered in order to make it clear to read when you stand on it. The WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer is also available in the color white if that’s a look you prefer.


Using the Smart Body Analyzer is very easy. All you need to do is stand on it using both feet and keep yourself still as not to fluctuate the readings. While standing on the device you can look down at the display which will show you your weight, total fat percentage, and your heart rate. You can look at the data in detail through the free app. Through this device you can get to know about your fat-lean ratio and the Body Mass Index (BMI).

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

As mentioned you an access all of the data using the free app on your iOS or Android devices. This will allow you to set goals with regards to your weight, and receive the proper coaching in order to achieve those goals. The app is compatible with more than a 100 fitness apps and this allows you to keep track of your calories (through MyFitnessPal), and make use of other applications such as ‘LoseIt!’ and ‘RunKeeper’. If you happen to use this device and notice a decrease in your resting heart rate then that means you are growing healthier. It is also compatible with Apple Watch and Apple Health. Data is automatically synced to your smartphone from the Smart Body Analyzer so you won’t have to worry about manually transferring the data.

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

A total of eight different users can use this device which makes it perfect for the whole family. Each person can create their own profile and the Smart Body Analyzer is able to recognize each user automatically!

In order to get a reading about how healthy your living space is, press the button in the center of the device. You will get to know about the air quality and carbon dioxide levels through the display. You will also receive notifications of any high readings that occur so you’ll know when to allow fresh air to come into your house. The Smart Body Analyzer also provides you with a forecast regarding the weather so you can dress accordingly.

The Price

The Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer costs $199.99 at Amazon. Shipping is free so you won’t have to worry about paying extra. Considering the awesome features it offers the price is more than justified!

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

The Verdict

The Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer is a cool-looking device that will help you and your family on your way to a healthier lifestyle. It is also available at a very affordable price. The easy-to-use nature of the device will make you feel motivated to check your body stats every morning!

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Good, but loses wifi connection

4 5 1
This used to work really well, but after a couple of updates it keeps dropping the wifi connection. So then it doesn't show the reading on my app.

Slick looking scale

5 5 1
Pros: Accurate Battery Life Great app Looks slick Cons: Gets dirty easily Has problems recording heart rate sometimes.

Good after set up

5 5 1
I was going to rate this lower because the set up was quite complicated for me, but after the initial set up it worked great.

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